we at IPNeeti offer varied patent services

With numerous years of experience in various technology domains including telecommunication, software, electronics, biotechnology, chemistry, etc., we at IPNeeti offer varied patent services which include:


We have expertise in formulating search strategies to unearth prior art(s) that form a very critical basis in business decisions. Some of these search areas are:

Prior art / state of the art searches

Freedom to operate searches/Clearance searches

Validity studies

Landscape studies


The registered Indian Patent Agents handle patent prosecution before various branches of the Indian Patent Office (IPO) and abroad through filing PCT/convention applications via associated law firms across various jurisdictions. Prosecution activities include filing of an application, attending examination reports, hearings and opposition proceedings, revocation proceedings and complying to various other formal requirements at IPO.


We have drafted considerable number of patent applications (provisional as well as non-provisional/utility) filed before Patent Offices of IN, US, EP as well as WIPO relating to varied technology domains. We ensure that the scope of the claims for an invention is as broad as permitted by existing prior arts and also as per infringement considerations. Other drafting work includes opposition statements/responses and responses to examination reports.


We conduct infringement studies for our Clients detailing mapping of patent claims and features of infringing products. We advise on the best approach to deal with patent infringements/threats thereof based upon current and future goals of the Client.


We draft plaints, cease and desist notices & other documents as required. We extend litigation services to our valuable clients.

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