We work with our clients to help them appreciate and identify assorted IPs which they possess but may not be aware of and/or using them to their maximum benefit. We aid in protecting such identified IPs and formulate strategies with best possible approach to convert them to assets. We conduct portfolio analysis and management, IP audits of existing assets, due diligence and IP watch related projects.


We provide expert counselling on general and/or specific IP issues including, but not limited to IP ownership, research and development agreements, importance and impact of IP to business, branding issues, cross-border IP sensitivities that may impact businesses, suggesting/drafting IP policy, etc.


We work with our clients to convert their IPs from legal assets into financial instruments and reap the benefits of all their hard-work and resources. We assist our clients at all stages involved in commercialization of their IPs.


We conduct relevant training sessions at corporate and academic levels specifically catered to the target audience and their end-goals. We firmly believe in knowledge sharing as also imbibed in Objective 1 of the National IPR Policy of India – IPR Awareness: Outreach and Promotion. We attempt to spread the awareness of IPRs as per our resources.

“IPNeeti’s management style is aggressive, organized, well-directed to common objectives, and it has a shared purpose and goals. I was further impressed with your firm’s sense of communication and urgency. I really want to thank you and your entire team for their energy, enthusiasm and hard work.”<\p>

“With your firm, we developed a new understanding of intellectual property rights. You guys incorporate great strategy while dealing with all IP matters.”

“Our professional associations have been among the highlights of my professional career. I am especially fond of the personal touch with which the firm handles all my patent related stuff. I greatly appreciate having had the opportunity to work with you and your firm.”